What you didn’t know about Japanese Cherry Blossoms

It’s spring time, it’s flowers’ time!

The snow-white cherry blossoms are coming to the scene after the daffodils. Have you had a walk at Alexandra Garden, one of the best 25 places in Europe to enjoy cherry blossoms (A round of applause, please!)?

Cherry blossom at Bute Park


Talking about cherry blossom, Japan must be on the list. BBC even described our rival in the Rugby World Cup last year in November as the unbreakable Blossoms. It seems to me the elegant blossom tree is another string which brings Japan and Cardiff together. Let’s learn more about these Japanese cherry blossom trees!

Cherry blossom, sakura in Japanese, is one of the 2 national flowers of Japan. While chrysanthemum symbolises the royal family, sakura is loved by every member of the public in Japan!

Every year from March to May, cherry blossom is literally everywhere in Japan. There are more than 600 species of cherry blossom in either pink, whiteyellow or a mixed colour.

Learn different types of Japanese cherry blossom trees here.

Sakura in Japan


10155899_10152266038244724_62704505_nSee this page to discover more beautiful cherry blossom trees in Japan!

With so many pretty blossom trees in the country, hanami (花見/Flower viewing) is definitely the favourite activity of Japanese people in spring. It is a picnic party to enjoy the cherry blossom and have fun with, of course, delicious food and drinks. What’s special is that they don’t simply eat sandwiches with their friends and family. They bring TV with them to sing karaoke and even play Xbox games!


Here shows you the must-have items to hanami!

Sakura is not only seen everywhere; you can also find them from every bit of the Japanese culture. It is one of the most popular themes of Japanese songs. The most famous Japanese folk song is also about it.

Sakura Sakura

SAKURAドロップス by Hikaru Utada

Wanna listen to more songs about sakura? Just click this link.

Sakura is also a popular female name in Japan. Many leading female characters in internationally-popular Japanese anime are called Sakura, like:

Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura

From Cardcaptor Sakura official website

and Sakura Haruno from Naruto

From Naruto.com

Sakura is common in pop culture, literature, and arts in Japan. But have you ever thought of eating it? Not gonna lie to you, Japanese people eat them!

It’s used for snacks, desserts, and drinks, all with huge popularity! Don’t be surprised, they also have sakura-flavoured Pepsi!

Interested in what they make out of sakura? See Enjoy Japanese spring with cherry blossom sweets.

You don’t have to be curious about how cherry blossom food tastes now. Learn how to make Cherry Blossom No-bake Cheesecake Cups and you’ll know! I always find Cardiff Korean and Japanese Foods a good place to source Japanese ingredients in the ‘Diff.

Congratulations! Now all these you didn’t know have become what you know!

Enchanted by sakura? Can’t wait to travel to Japan? Don’t forget to read the 5 tips you should know before going to Japan for cherry blossoms!


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