5 Tips You Should Know Before Going To Japan For Cherry Blossoms

Planning to go to Japan for viewing cherry blossoms but feeling lost? You’ve come to the right place! As a Cardiffian, you may not be familiar with the oriental culture in Japan. No worries, I am going to tell you 5 top tips about travelling to Japan in springtime! Ready? Go!

1. Minimise essential cost



Air ticket is undoubtedly the biggest concern because we’re travelling across continents. Budget travelling is more and more popular these days. If you want to maximise your enjoyment at the minimum cost, check out route planner websites, e.g. Tripadvisor, Kayak, and Will Go To. Wa-Oh! JAPAN! is also a good choice. These websites help you to find cheap flights, compare the prices of hotels and give you plenty of useful tips.


You may also have a look on experienced travel bloggers for price and discounts updates.

Check prices of accommodation: Hotels.com, Booking.com, Agoda

2. Double check the cherry blossom blooming forecast



Bear in mind that the blooming time of the pretty cherry blossoms is different depending on their species and location. Weather of the year is another factor. Usually, the cherry blossoms in south Japan blooms much earlier than their friends in the north. If you’re going to south Japan in May, you’ll probably miss the chance to meet Lady Sakura. Make sure you’re going to the right place at the right time!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 12.13.16 PM.png

Wanna check if you’ve planned for the right time in 2017? Click here.

More: Where to see cherry blossoms, 10 Fantastic Places To See Cherry Blossom In Japan

3. Join hanami at local parks and gardens


Picnic at Bute Park

Hanami means “flower viewing” in Japan. You may have been to picnic under the cherry blossom trees at Bute Park. But are you going to miss the best chance to experience the local culture when you’ve been travelled miles to Japan? Learn how they picnic differently, be like a local and HAVE FUN!

japan-1220517_960_720 (1).jpg

Learn more tips about hanami here.

4. Be BOLD


Don’t be surprised by the cherry blossom products you’ll see in Japan and definitely give them a try. They’re after all LIMITED edition in spring only. Maybe you’ll fancy cherry blossoms like Japanese do afterwards.



5. Consult travel agencies


If you still feel lost after reading this blog, or to be honest, like, “I’m just too busy to plan my trip,” you may better join a guided tour. You may go to a travel agency in Cardiff for your whole trip or join a local cherry blossom tour in Japan. My experiences of joining guided tours to Japan are all fab! No matter your trip is self-planned or guided, don’t forget to visit Japan National Tourism Organisation and Gov.UK for practical information.

Read a more detailed travel guide to Japan via this link.

So excited? Let’s do it then!


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